Ad Age is marking Black History Month 2023 with their third-annual Honoring Creative Excellence package. Guest editor Billy Porter turns the spotlight to Vivian Scott Chew, founding partner of event production/management company Chew Entertainment and founder of marketing firm TimeZone International

“Vivian is inspirational and transformational,” says Porter. “She is on a mission to release the healing properties of music to make lives better—individually and collectively. She is a force of nature.”

I’ve had many blessings in my life….too many to count. But this one is really, really special. To be given a platform from AdAge to tell how music inspires me to inspire others is pure joy. Thank you Walton Aaron for nominating me and Billy Porter for the kind words. Seeing myself on a giant billboard is simply breathtaking – Thank you Outfront Media.

Mommy… I hope I’ve made you proud 🕊️🙏🏾

– Vivian Scott Chew